Sarah Laughs

Illustrated by Natascia Ugliano
KarBen/Lerner, Ages 4 to 9
ISBN: 978-0-8225-7216-9 (hardcover), $17.95
ISBN: 978-0-8225-9934-0 (paperback), $8.95

One day, Abraham told his wife, Sarah, he had heard a voice.
"What did it sound like?" she asked.
"Like a bird singing, like the wind in the trees, like every sound in the universe rolled into one.
"What did the voice say?" Sarah asked.
"That we should move to a new place."
Sarah knew this meant they would have to leave their comfortable home. But she also knew Abraham had heard God's voice.
Sarah took a deep breath. "We must go."

2009 Sydney Taylor Honor Award Winner for Younger Readers

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A PJ Library Selection

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Jewish Children's Books -- Sarah Laughs

Sarah laughs "Through poetic language and sweeping illustrations, this picture book tells the story of the biblical patriarch and matriarch Abraham and Sarah from Sarah's point of view. . . This lovely retelling deserves a place on the shelves of any library that collects religious materials." -- Heidi Estrin, School Library Journal. Read the full review.

Sarah laughs "The Old Testament says little about Sarah's feelings, so this moving picture book draws on midrash (legend) and on modern biblical commentary to imagine the inner life of Abraham's wife." Hazel Rochman, Booklist.

Sarah laughs ". . . this is an epic story presented as an accessible human drama." -- Horn Book Guide, January-June 2008.

"Presented with a feeling of rich vocabulary and thoughtful writing, we see Sarah as a young woman whose laugh gave joy to all who heard it. . . . This is a gentle retelling of an old story that is dense with details and studded with life lessons without being didactic or too wordy. It will be a useful and well read addition to any library." -- Sheilah Egan, Children's Literature.

Star"It isn't often you run across a biblically-themed picture book that's as beautifully written as this one. Jules, with her poetic turn of phrase, has done an excellent job making this story interesting to young children and adults alike. -- Christian Children's Book Review. Read the full review.

Star "This text about Sarah, Abraham's wife, positively sparkles with energy and life, making readers want to know this remarkable woman. . . . The illustrations are as outstanding as the text. -- Anita Cain, CBA Retailers+Resources, February 2008.

Star "Author Jacqueline Jules uses flowing rich text to describe the events leading up to Isaac's birth. She brings a beauty and grace to Sarah in her descriptions . . . . I highly recommend this for any parent wanting a gentle book to read to their child and read a Bible story to them at the same time!" -- Gayle Jacobson-Huset, Stories for Children. Read the full review.

Star "The full-page colorful illustrations beautifully depict the journey that Sarah took together with her husband Abraham, bringing their many emotions to life. Young readers will relate to this human, personal aspect of Sarah, feeling her sadness and laughing with her as she rejoices in the birth of her son, Isaac." -- Rena Hurwitz, AMIT Magazine.

Star "Bright charming illustrations blend beautifully with this very human retelling of the birth of Isaac. They add a sense of place, time and character that girls especially will find interesting and inspiring. Sarah Laughs is a 'clap with joy' winner!" -- Deanna Silverman, Ottawa Jewish Bulletin.

Star "[T]he book has a lot of child appeal. Colorful tents, sheep, cattle, baskets and jugs, decorate the pages. The succinct text on each page makes the story brief enough to read aloud to young children, in groups or individually. -- Jewish Book World.

Star Bible series "happily recommend[ed]" by Vicki Streiff, Read the full review.

Star "This author and illustrator offer 2 glorious books that easily allow you and your children the privilege of learning about these important spiritual ancestors. Be sure to connect their stories to modern questions and hopes while explaining their crucial importance in your faith heritage." -- Picture Book Theology, June 29, 2015. Read the full review.

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