My Poetry From Classroom Presentations

Grades 3 and Below

The Pink Cloud” by Henri-Edmond Cross (1896)

If I Were a Cloud
Silver Birch Press, October 7, 2016

The Math Beast and ThunderThe Math Beast and Thunder
Balloons Lit. Journal, Issue Two, August 2015
Hand-washing videoBubbles (video)
The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations
The Poetry Friday Anthology
Learning to SoarLearning to Soar
Stories for Children Magazine, January 2010
Waiting, Balloons Lit. Journal

Balloons Lit. Journal, Issue No. 4
September 2016

Is There a Flag on the MoonIs There a Flag on The Moon
Stories for Children Magazine, April 2009
Where Do Bees Go In Winter?Where Do Bees Go In Winter
Stories for Children Magazine, March 2009
Super-Sized TailsSuper-Sized Tails
Stories for Children Magazine, May 2008
Where's the WindWhere's the Wind
Stories for Children Magazine, April 2008
Ice Cream is Not for BabiesIce Cream is Not for Babies
Stories for Children Magazine, November 2007
Double MeaningsDouble Meanings
Stories for Children Magazine, October 2007
Recipe for FriendshipRecipe for Friendship
If I Were A MonkeyIf I Were A Monkey
Wee Ones Magazine, 2002

Grades 4 and Up

Racing the CloudsRacing the Clouds
The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School
Running BackRunning Back
Poetry Minute
Daddy and Venice
Imitation Fruit, May 2010
Germ Magazine, October 17, 2016
Birthday Candles
Germ Magazine, November 15, 2016

Shake Hands with Life
Germ Magazine, December 3, 2016

Growing Legs
Germ Magazine, January 6, 2017

Watching the Wall, Hockey Puck, and Watch Me in Water
YARN (Young Adult Review Network), May 24, 2016

Salt, Varnished Apple, & Baby Doll
YARN (Young Adult Review Network), March 2010
Free Fall, A Sharp-Beaked Bird, and Online Introductions
YARN (Young Adult Review Network), April 7, 2014
Tag Your Dreams, Volleyball, and Rebounding Luck
YARN (Young Adult Review Network), March 2011
Piñata, The Consolation of Clouds, and A Tougher Crust
YARN (Young Adult Review Network), February 2013
Pink Patience 
Christian Science Monitor, May 17, 2007 
Graceless Girl Skis Down Slope  
Christian Science Monitor,
December 23, 2004

The Argument 
Christian Science Monitor,
February 22, 2006

Ode to a Pink House
Spank the Carp, Pond 5 - 2014
The Big Bad Wolf
Imitation Fruit, November 2011
Boogey Man at the Bottom
Imitation Fruit, Issue 10, April 2012