I am an author, teacher, librarian, and poet. My school programs include writing activities, Powerpoint, poetry, singing, and audience participation. I am available for in-person school visits and Skype visits. To book an author visit, e-mail me at

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My Presentations

Sofia Martinez:My Family Adventure

THE JOY OF WRITING: Using examples from Feathers for Peacock, Never Say a Mean Word Again, Sofia Martinez, No English, Duck for Turkey Day, and Zapato Power, I talk about inspiration for ideas. The revision process is clearly demonstrated through a series of illustrations, showing how both text and art were strengthened. Program includes songs, poetry, and writing ideas. Grades K-5.

Cover of Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off

ZAPATO POWER is an award-winning chapter book series featuring Freddie Ramos, a boy who receives a mysterious box with super-powered purple sneakers. From then on, Freddie searches for ways to be a superhero. But can you be a hero and still go to elementary school? Using slides of comic book style illustrations, I share my process for developing plot and character. Grades K-4.

Feather for Peacock coverFEATHERS FOR PEACOCK is a pourquoi story with an original explanation for why the peacock has such beautiful tail feathers. I discuss just-so tales and invite students to create their own stories about how animals came to look or behave as they do.  Program includes a song and a brief introduction to other works I have written. Grades K-3.

Unite or Die: How Thirteen States Became a Nation

UNITE OR DIE: HOW THIRTEEN STATES BECAME A NATION  presents the conflicts and compromises of the 1787 Constitutional Convention through colorful comics projected on a screen. Students participate in a Reader’s Theater format and learn a song about the Constitution. Grades 3-6.

Cover of One Minute Till Bedtime

POETRY PRESENTATIONS:  With poems published in Cricket, Cicada, the Poetry Friday Anthologies, One Minute till Bedtime, Balloon Lit, GERM Magazine, and YARN, I share my process for writing poetry and provide models and ideas for student work. Classroom workshops available for Grades 1-8.

I am also available for Jewish Family Programming.

For Arlington County Teachers: Request me through the Arlington County Pick a Poet Program.

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