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PENCIL TIPS WRITING WORKSHOP provides practical tips, lessons, and observations on the art of writing, particularly in the classroom.

Blogs for Unite or Die

Unite or Die by award-winning children's author Jacqueline Jules

Book Bites for Kids
Caroline by line
Charlesbridge Unabridged
How a Public Law Became a Children's Book
Jen Robinson's Book Page: Unite or Die
Picture This! Teaching With Picture Books
Was It Really Unite or Die in 1787?

Blogs for No English

No English by Jacqueline Jules

10 Ways to Support ELLs in the School Library
Apple 21 TV
Caroline by line
Colorin Colorado
Cuentos y Mas
Just One More Book
Mirela's Blog
Sit a While blog: No English
Sun Gazette

Blogs for Never Say a Mean Word Again

Never Say a Mean Word Again

Children's Book Blog by Durga Yael Bernhard
Interview With Penny Schwartz, JTA News
Styling Librarian Interviews Jacqueline Jules
Sydney Taylor Blog Tour Interview
The Book of Life Podcast

Blogs for Picnic at Camp Shalom and
What a Way to Start a New Year

Picnic at Camp ShalomWhat a Way to Start a New Year

Jewish Books for Kids
Kar-Ben Publishing Blog - Camp Shalom
Kar-Ben Publishing Blog - New Year
The Picture Book Junkies Blog

Blog for Drop by Drop

Drop by Drop: A Story of Rabbi Akiva

Kar-Ben Publishing Blog - A Model of Learning
The Whole Megillah
Adventures in Mama Land
Pencil Tips Writing Workshop-Little by Little: How We Learn
Linda's Little Lit Reviews



Blogs for Zapato Power Series

Zapato Power chapter book series by Jacqueline Jules
Arlington Connection Profiles Jacqueline Jules
AWC Podcast: Zapato Power
Bee Book Buzz - Alison Ashley Formento
The Cath in the Hat Interview
The Children's Book Review - Author Showcase
CLCD Author Feature
CLCD: How Stories Grow
Colorin colorado: Diversity in Children's Literature
Cynsations - What If You Had a Super Power
Feathered Quill Interview
Imagination Soup: What Would Your Superpower Be?
Madelyn Rosenberg Interview
Mymcbooks's Blog Interview
ReaderKidz Author-in-Residence
Redeemed reader - 2 Terrific Chapter Book Characters

y net (Israel) Interview (English Translation)

Blogs for Bible Stories

Abraham's Search for God by award-winning children's author Jacqueline JulesSarah Laughs by award-winning children's author Jacqueline JulesBenjamin and the Silver Goblet by award-winning children's author Jacqueline Jules

The Bible: A Book Loaded With Role Models
Book of Life podcast
Chicken Spaghetti
InterfaithFamily.Com: Bible Series featured
Jewish Books for Children with Barbara Bietz
JWorld Cafe: Imagining Biblical Heroines
Sit a While blog: Miriam in the Desert
Sydney Taylor Book Award Blog Tour

Blogs for The Ziz Series
and Once Upon a Shabbos

Once Upon a Shabbos by Jacqueline Jules - back by popular demandThe Hardest Word by Jacqueline Jules - a High Holy Days favoriteThe Ziz and the Hanukkah Miracle

Jodie Books
Kar-Ben Publishing Blog
TJC's Modern Jewish Mom: The Hardest Word featured on High Holidays Special

Blogs for Duck for Turkey Day

Duck for Turkey Day by Jacqueline Jules

Kathyerskine's Blog
What Do You Eat on Thanksgiving?

Blog for Poetry Across the Curriculum

Poetry Across the Curriculum Picture

"Poetry Across the Curriculum" Class Handouts

Other blog posts on writing:
Author Amok: Effective Writing Habits
Author Amok: Source Poems: "Mother to Son"
Author Turf interview
Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb
Celebrating School Library Month
Children's Poetry Blog Hop
Facing Fear: The man hiding in the basement
Genre Jumping with Madelyn Rosenberg
Latin@s in Kid Lit: Being an Outsider
Mr. Schu's Blog - Watch. Connect. Read.
NCTE National Day on Writing
OptionB story
Poetica Magazine Blog
Read Write Believe Blog
Rkvry Quarterly Literary Journal Interview
Sandra Bornstein's Blog
Student Writing Inspired by Jacqueline Jules
The Whole Megillah