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Clap and Count: Action Rhymes for the Jewish Year

Illustrated by Sally Springer
KarBen/Lerner, Ages 3 months to 6 years

"Ten fresh challahs sitting in a row
Smell so sweet, they tickle your nose.
The baker said,
'I'll wrap one up just for you!'
Friday night--bim, bom, true!"

Rhymes that invite a child's active participation have been popular since ancient times. They help young children to develop coordination and emergent literacy skills. In this book, parents and teachers will find rhymes about Shabbat, the Jewish holidays, and Jewish traditions. Some of them are based on traditional fingerplays such as Whoops, Johnny and Where's Thumbkin. Others are completely original. All of the rhymes were created to promote and enhance Jewish identity in preschool children.

Jewish Children's Books -- Clap and Count!
"Jules puts a Jewish spin on a bounty of finger plays, nursery rhymes, and clapping games. A wealth of preschool and primary-school enrichment and at-home fun." -- Booklist.

"A charming and useful collection of action rhymes, finger plays, tickling rhymes, and other activities. This is a must for preschools." -- Association of Jewish Libraries

"Tots are sure to respond to the engaging rhythms and images, including a Passover mouse, the round apples of Rosh Hashanah and 10 challahs for Shabbat." -- Washington Parent

"Sally Springer provides wonderful color illustrations to demonstrate to both adult and child how to act out the rhyme." -- AJL Newsletter

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