Goodnight Sh'ma

Illustrated by Melanie Hall
Board book, Ages 1 to 4, Grades pre-K
ISBN: 978-0-8225-8945-7

"I climb into bed with a book and a bear.
After my story, it's time for my prayer."

A Jewish child gets ready for bed and says the traditional Sh'ma prayer in this board book with rhyming text. Charming illustrations by award-winning artist Melanie Hall.

Jacqueline Jules is available for Jewish Family Programming

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"Finally, a picture book that will take its place beside Goodnight Moon as the must-read bedtime story for Jewish babies." – Jewish Living Magazine

"[This is a board book] that can withstand being pulled, dropped, or even chewed by an infant, who will enjoy sitting in a parent’s or grandparent’s lap, and looking at the pictures, and over time, absorbing information rendered in rhyme by Jules." – San Diego Jewish World

"It's a flowing and gentle read-aloud for little ones…. Melanie Hall's illustrations are dreamlike, soft, and if an illustration could be "huggable," then these fit the bill." -- Stories for Children Magazine

Star "The text rhymes, the illustrations are soft and dreamy, together making a lovely little book perfect for bed-time." -- Chicago Jewish Star

Star "A lovely addition to the Jewish board book library for young children, this rhyming text is written by well-known author Jacqueline Jules, who has also written the Ziz series and Clap and Count." -- Linda R. Silver, AJL Newsletter Children's Book Reviews

Star "It's a perfect nighttime story of thanks to God for our wonderful world." -- Read the full review at 

Star "The board book format is perfect for little hands, and certain to become a bedtime classic that will give comfort to young ones at bedtime." -- Jewish Book World, Spring 2009

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