The following poem appeared in the magazine Class in 1991. Sometimes, I read it at the end of my presentations on The Grey Striped Shirt, because it expresses my feelings on how diversity makes our world a more beautiful place.

by Jacqueline Jules

A world
with only one type of people
would be like a garden
with only one type of flower:
boring to behold.
A Wise Gardener
contrasting colors
for a captivating world,
worth watching.

I also read the following poem at presentations, because it discusses another important lesson from the Holocaust. This poem appeared in Young Judaean Magazine in the Jan/Feb 1988 issue.

by Jacqueline Jules

A small man in checkered pajamas
sitting on the edge of my bed.
Spotted hands waving in the air,
he would talk on and on
of honey cakes in the shape of Hebrew letters
and a little boy with curls on the side of his head
who studied Talmud
long, long ago in Poland,
where he learned to answer my questions
with another question
and to see a thousand meanings in a single word.
I might have been a rabbi, he told me,
but the Nazis closed the schools.
They took everything from us, he said,
the silverware, the radio, our jewelry, our house,
even fountain pens, the Nazis took.
Except one thing.
He lifted the arm with the tattooed number
and touched the top of his hairless head.
One thing they could not take. He smiled
and tapped his head again.
Knowledge is something no one can steal.

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