Between Parent & Child: Questions to Talk About:

Mother and child discussing questionsTHE HARDEST WORD

1. When the Ziz made a hole in the ground, he wanted to fix it right away. Why is it important to fix mistakes?

2. The Ziz goes to Mount Sinai whenever he is trouble. Do you talk to God when you are upset about something? Does it help you?

3. Many people find it hard to say "I'm sorry." Apologizing means admitting a mistake, and it is not always easy to say you were wrong. How do you feel when you are asked to say you are sorry? Can you describe a time when saying you were sorry made you feel better?

4. When we make mistakes, we need to say "I'm sorry" and do whatever we can to make things better. What did the Ziz do before he went back to the children to say the hardest word? Have you ever given a gift along with an apology?