Noah and the Ziz

Illustrated by Katherine Janus Kahn
KarBen/Lerner, Ages 3 to 8

Many children know the bible story of Noah's ark. But do they know who collected the animals for the ark? Noah had to gather leaves for the giraffes, bananas for the monkeys, and hay for the cows. How could he go in one direction to get the pandas and another direction to get the kangaroos?

Noah and the Ziz, by the award-winning author Jacqueline Jules, answers this question by sending the Ziz to the rescue.

Jewish Children's Books -- The Hardest Word

"Combine a simple story about Noah with a mythical 'big bird' character, add expressive, splashy illustrations and you have the makings of a winner…Highly recommended." -- Church and Synagogue Library Association. Read the full review.

"Anyone looking for a light-hearted, engaging, and creative take on the story of Noah for preschool and early school-age children will find this book a winner." --CBA Marketplace.

Jacqueline Jules gives a humorous twist to a well-known Biblical story…Katherine Kahn's bright whimsical pictures are a wonderful match for Jules' zany tale and breathe life into the bold, clumsy Ziz. --Washington Parent. Read the full review.

Children will enjoy Jules' delightful, but very fallible character the Ziz just because he isn't perfect…The Ziz, who already is bigger than life and makes gigantic mistakes, learns from them and becomes a better person because of it...Noah and the Ziz is sure to be a book that little ones will want their parents to read over and over." --MyShelf.Com. Read the full review.

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