Between Parent & Child: Questions to Talk About:


1. The Ziz goes to Mount Sinai whenever he is trouble. Do you talk to God when you are upset about things? Does it help you?

2. Why was Noah worried about the alligators? How does the story of Noah teach us to care for all living things?

3. The Ziz finds it hard to slow down and be careful. Do you like it when your parents or teachers tell you to be more careful? How can adults remind children to be careful without nagging? Can you think of ways to remind yourself to slow down and be careful?

4. How did you know that the Ziz was being more careful when he went back for the mice? What did he stop doing? How did the Ziz put down the small animals when he arrived at the ark?

5. How long did Noah and the animals stay in the ark? Read the Bible story of Noah's Ark. In your own words, tell what happened during and after the great flood.

6. Can you think of any other adventures for the Ziz? Make up your own story.