Reading Songs
© 2009 by Jacqueline Jules

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Read a Story
by Jacqueline Jules

Read a story before you sleep.
Make your mind swirl and leap.
Sweet dreams will be yours to keep.
Read a story before you sleep.


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journey with a book
by Jacqueline Jules

Join me on a journey.
We will travel with our minds.
Meet all kinds of people.
Have adventures of all kinds.

Here's our ship for travel.
Open up and have a look.
Discover what is waiting
In the pages of a book.

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explore a book
(an echo song)
by Jacqueline Jules 

Turn the handle.
Open the door.
Enter a book.
Start to explore!

See the future.
Visit the past.
Have an adventure
Breathless and fast.

Meet a lion.
Travel to space.
The universe waits.
Inside a bookcase.