Once Upon a ShabbosIllustrated by Katherine Janus Kahn

Once Upon a Shabbos

"Well, let me tell you Bubbe was a balabusta (that's THE boss!). She wasn't going to let anything interfere with her Shabbos dinner."

Are you meshuggah (crazy)? Bears don't live in Brooklyn, Bubbe says when Shira and Jacob report they encountered one on their way to the store. This whimsical fairy tale will tickle the funny bones of young and old alike... and teach a few Yiddish words in the process. Featuring Bubbe's favorite kugel recipe.

Honorable Mention, Sugarman Family Award, 1999


 "Jules's use of repetitive fairy tale elements will have children giggling and guessing at what happens next." -- Publishers Weekly

"Whether or not children are familiar with a variant of this story from the American South called "Sody Sallyratus," they will be captivated by this Yiddish-flavored version, set in New York, about a lost bear and a resourceful bubbe." -- Association of Jewish Libraries

"It's a relatively unusual, and therefore especially valuable, book that shows people living Jewishly in the age of rollerblades." -- Hadassah Magazine

" This charming, colorful story brings children into the spirit of the Sabbath and the joy of sharing it with Sabbath guests." -- Reform Judaism

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