Sofia Martinez: My Family Adventure

Sofia Martinez: My Family Adventure Illustrated by Kim Smith
Picture Window Books, 2015
Ages 5-7
ISBN: 978-1-4795-5790-5, $4.95

Little Sofia Martinez has a big personality and big plans, which makes every day memorable. Between her sisters and cousins, her family is the focus of her many adventures. From taking school pictures to doing chores, this 7-year-old knows how to make every moment count. Sofia loves her family and loves her life. What could be better?

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Sofia Martinez: My Family Adventure is included in the Bank Street College list of The Best Children's Books of 2016

SofiaMartinez: My Family Adventure is 2015 National Parenting Publications Silver Award Winner

Picture Perfect, from the Sofia Martinez series, is among the Finalists for the 2015 Cybils Awards, the awards given each year by the book blogging community for the year's best children's and young adult titles embodying the highest literary merit and popular appeal. The committee received more than 1,000 book nominations and selected Finalists in 11 categories, ranging from apps and easy readers to elementary/middle grade nonfiction, poetry, and young adult fiction. A new panel of judges will read the Finalists and ultimately select the winner to be announced on Feb. 14.

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Star "humorous first book in the Sofia Martinez series, which features a highly personable elementary schooler and her tight-knit Hispanic family. . . . Smith’s illustrations give Sofia and her family warmth and style -- they look ready to headline an animated series of their own." -- Publishers Weekly, October 27, 2014. Read the full review.

Star "Tender relationships with immediate and extended family, and especially with her papá, result in a lighthearted, enjoyable read. . . . The inclusion of common Spanish terms and phrases lends a sense of authenticity to the characters, while the use of bright pink font to distinguish these words in the primarily English narrative and the addition of a glossary provides scaffolds for young readers." -- School Library Journal, January 1, 2015.

Star "The author of the Zapato Power series, featuring Freddie Ramos, here offers another early chapter book with an appealing Hispanic protagonist. . . .Smith’s full-color art appears on almost every page, expressing the energy and emotions of the characters. A final illustration indicates Sofia will return with further adventures; in the meantime, give this to fans of Freddie Ramos . . . ." -- Booklist Online, January 23, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "Everyday stories reminiscent of Ramona. . . . Sofia is a likable new protagonist to add to the lineup of chapter-book heroines." -- Kirkus Reviews, November 4, 2014.  Read the full review.

Star "Sofia is a character that I will be happy to have my six-year-old daughter spend time with. The fact that she'll also get a refresher on some Spanish words that she learned in preschool will be an added bonus." -- Jen Robinson's Book Page, September 6, 2016. Read the full review.

Star "The Sofia Martinez series is a lovely addition to the world of early chapter books. . . . Suited well to the needs, interests, and sense of humor of early readers, the books will have broad appeal for the K-2 crowd. . . . The production of these books is especially thoughtful. The use of pink for words in Spanish produces an effect much like what Sofia achieves by wearing an enormous bow for her school picture. It marks Spanish as special–and very much part of Sofia’s world. -- Latin@s In Kid Lit, February 19, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "Sofia Martinez is one of my new favorite characters. She is smart. She is funny. She loves her family. And I just wish that she was a real girl who came to my library programs. Because she is cool. -- Cinjoella, January 2, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "To sum up, this book is an engaging early reader chapter book with a central character of color, and with a narrative that integrates language and cultural nuances wonderfully, making it a great addition towards a diverse bookshelf." -- InCultureParent, January 26, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "This is probably the first children's book I've read that includes Spanish words and sentences as natural part of the conversation between characters." -- Second Bookshelf on the Right, February 2, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "This is a great way to introduce a different language in a non-threatening manner to children who have never seen or spoken it before but it will also be great for children who have grown up speaking both Spanish and English. I hope this will be a book from a series and have no hesitation in recommending it for children who are ready to read, relatively independently, early chapter books." -- Splashesintobooks, January/February 2015. Read the full review.

Star "The writing in this book is strong. Sofia's magnetic personality draws the reader into her world, and her adventures . . . ." -- Story Time Secrets, February 27, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "What made this book stand out for my girl, though, was the author’s use of Español throughout the story. By reading about Sofia’s abuela, her Tío Miguel, her hermanas, and the many adventures they share, my princess not only enjoyed a great story, but also got an introduction to another culture and its language as well." -- Booktrib, March 11, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "Sofia is a character any kid can relate to, and she gets in and out of the same trouble they will. That makes this an excellent Bridge choice for any young reader who likes realistic fiction, has a big family, or is trying to figure out who they want to be. . . . I’d be happy to recommend this adorable book to those just graduating from Easy Readers, or a reluctant reader. The illustrations are cute, the stories are fast, and the print is large." -- Nerd and Librarian Blog, April 21, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "I liked lots about this book and it supports readers in several ways." -- A Year of Reading, June 3, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "Sofia is a great character with a high relatability factor." -- Step Up Readers, June 25, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "I've been looking for more realistic easy readers and Sofia's Latina identity is just the icing on top of the cupcake. Kids will empathize with her dilemma and giggle over her solution. The text is smoothly written and the Spanish integrated so that it won't disrupt the reading experience, whether or not kids know what the words mean. Sassy pictures and a depiction of a caring, happy family round out a very nice start to a new easy reader series." -- Jean Little Library, September 30, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "What I like most about the book from the standpoint of needing to strengthen my collection was how natural her cultural background felt." -- The @ Home Librarian, November 4, 2015. Read the full review.

Star "Sofia sparkles with personality and often finds herself in situations that children can easily relate to. . . . In a literary-world often lacking multi-cultural options, Sofia shines. Highly recommended for beginning readers." -- Children's Literature. Read the full review.

Also available as individual titles:

Sofia Martinez: Abuela's BirthdaySofia Martinez: Abuela's Birthday

Sofia wants to make her grandma's birthday extra special. With the help of her cousins, she has the perfect plan. But an uninvited helper might ruin the entire surprise.

ISBN: 978-1-47955-779-0
$5.95 (includes Spanish words & glossary)

Sofia Martinez: The Missing Mouse

Sofia Martinez: The Missing Mouse

Sofia finally gets a chance to watch the class pet, a mouse named Snowflake. When Snowflake gets out of his box, Sofia and her sisters quickly find out that a little mouse can cause big problems.

ISBN 978-1-47955-778-3
$5.95 (includes Spanish words & glossary)

Sofia Martinez: Picture Perfect

Sofia Martinez: Picture Perfect

Sofia is sick of looking exactly like her sisters. She wants to stand out. And when school picture day comes around, Sofia thinks of the perfect way to make that happen.

ISBN 978-1-47955-777-6
$5.95 (includes Spanish words & glossary)

Sofia Martinez: The Marigold Mess
Sofia Martinez: The Marigold Mess

Sofia is so excited to wash the car. It is a way better chore than dusting again. But when Sofia starts to clean the car, she makes a muddy mess of her mom's marigolds.

ISBN 978-1-47955-780-6
$5.95 (includes Spanish words & glossary)

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