The Princess
and the Ziz

Illustrated by
Katherine Janus Kahn

$17.95 jacketed hardcover
$7.95 softcover

KarBen/Lerner, Ages 3 to 7
Grades Pre-K to 2

The Loveable Ziz Returns in a Royal Adventure

Called on to watch over King Solomon's daughter, the eager Ziz takes the princess on a joyful trip around the world.  But when she falls in love with a handsome young man, the Ziz's jealousy gets the giant bird into trouble in The Princess and the Ziz, the fourth in the series of Ziz adventure stories from the team of Jacqueline Jules and Katherine Janus Kahn.

Based on the legendary character the Ziz, a magnificent bird-like creature from Jewish folklore, the loveable Ziz has his own way of looking at the world, much as young children do! Take your own flight with the Princess and the Ziz.

Star "As always, a visit from the Ziz is a welcome one!  The Princess and the Ziz will delight young children as a picture book shared with their parents or later as a book they could read on their own." -- Janie Franz, Read the full review.

"I started enjoying The Princess and the Ziz from the very first page . . . . The story is fun to read to little children, and the rich and imaginative illustrations provide tykes with many interesting animals to point to while pronouncing their names." -- Donald H. Harrison, San Diego Jewish World. Read the full review.

Star " I give this book a high five for a great storyline and terrific illustrations." -- Gayle Jacobson-Huset, Managing Editor, Stories for Children Magazine. Read the full review.

Star "[I]t's charming and fanciful, with the illustrations as imaginative and appealing as ever, and the clumsy, colorful giant of a bird just as loveable." -- Chicago Jewish Star.

Star "The fourth book in the Ziz series about a mythical, supersized, lovable, klutz, child-like bird, The Princess and the Ziz incorporates the theme of jealousy and making things right in a dryly humorous story about friendship and love." -- Ottawa Jewish Bulletin.

Star"Who doesn't like a story about a princess locked in a tower, true love, and a bumbling, if lovable hero?" -- Jewish Book World, Spring 2009.

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